July 2012: BrewsFest 2012, Home Festival, Brewers Club, Functions & Pear Cider


Yes Brewsters! We can confirm the rumours. The greatest event in Brisbane’s beer history: BREWSFEST 2012 is on at Brews Brothers from midday on July 21. It’ll be something to tell the grandkids about, or bring them along and let them see for themselves. More rumours we can confirm: There will be several new brews making their official debuts, a pig on the spit in the carpark and other beer-food combos, tours, tips, demos and prizes, a bit of music and maybe some alleged stand-up comedy, even a limerick competition.

Pre-book a $20 Brews Pass before the day for six samples and guarantee yourself a piece of the pig or just turn up on the day and please yourself… we’ll have a bit of other food going around. There’ll be a trivia competition, so get your team together because the top side will win a 50 litre brew plus free party pack hire. Some rumours we can’t quite confirm yet: Gary Garry will be choppering in from Winton for a special guest performance with the boys from One Direction and he’ll be shouting all of his old friends.

It’s going to be great day, hope to see you down here for it and don’t forget to give us a ring or email to get your discount $20 Brews Pass. Print out the flyer or send it around to anyone you think deserves to know.

By the way, July 16 to 21 marks Queensland’s very first official Beer Week, something we’re very proud to be a part of. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest info and check out what specials we’ve got going.

* View/Download the full size poster from http://brewsbrothers.com.au/wp-content/uploads/BrewsFest2012.jpg


It’s a fest-off! On the same day as BREWSFEST, would you believe, we’re stocking the beer bar and hosting our very own stall down the road at Home Festival in Raymond Park (behind the Pineapple Hotel). Not too sure about all the details yet but here’s their link http://www.home-festival.com. Head down on your way home from BREWSFEST and make sure to drop by and say hi if you’re there.


If you’re still on weekend detention or you have some other legit reason to miss BREWSFEST 2012, we’ll have a few more off-beat brews available for you to bottle up for as little as $30 a carton (with your bottles) to ease your pain. It depends on the day but the guys try to have at least six or more brews on the go at any given time and you’re free to bottle up a carton or two of any of them whenever it suits. It’s a great way to try a few different brews without having to take the full 50 litres, free to join, and you don’t even have to turn up for any meetings. The club has now got its own 18-litre kegs available to swap if you’ve got your own keg set-up at home. Or, you could hire an 18-litre keg and all the gear for the weekend from $80, depending on the brew. Give us a call to see what’s ready to go at the moment.


Ever dreamt of having a party in a brewery? Well, once again, Brews Brothers is here to make your dreams come true. There’s heaps of options, ranging from your basic tour and a couple of samples all the way through to the full brewing and bottling experience with a detailed tour for you and a few mates, or everyone you know. Don’t forget, we also have the Man Lounge open whenever we’re here or you can hire the whole place out if you want to organise something special. Head up for a game of pool and check the place out next time you’re in. If you mention this newsletter, or claim to be a mate of Dodgy’s, we’ll give you half-price on the rent for the night.


It’s peary nice indeed, and it’s in the samples fridge at the moment. The lucky few who’ve had a crack at our new Peary Peary Cider describe it as clean and crisp with a dry but slightly sweet aftertaste. There were spontaneous cries of “Eureka!” and “It’s a bonza bottler”! from Dodgy Darren on the filters as the kettle girls rejoiced merrily with each other, so pleased they were with their efforts. It’s not likely to last long on the shelves so get in and have a go while you can. Or save yourself plenty and get your own brew down. It’s one of a few different ones we’ve been trying out lately, most of which will debut at BREWSFEST. The other one picking up all the in-house awards is our experimental Elderflower and Lime. We’ve also got a new apple cider recipe we’re trialling and, as usual, we look forward to your valuable feedback.


That’s enough of the jibber jabber for one sitting. Hope to see you at BREWSFEST (July 21), or sooner, and otherwise, try to stay safe, healthy and warm.

Cheers, Mike


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