Sept/Oct 2012: Drinkin’ Season, Poker Night, Custom Brews, Oktoberfest, Garage Sale & Brewers Club


Brewsters, Spring has sprung and we’ve officially kicked off Drinking Season 2012/13. There are a few minor changes to report this season but, all in all, the rules remain pretty much the same. Firstly, ciders are no longer just something to pick up for the little lady, or visiting Irishmen and artistic types. Apple cider has already broken through into mainstream Australian drinking culture, opening up a crack for its more exotic cousins like pear, raspberry and elderflower with lime. We’ve got them all available here at the brewery, in the samples fridge or for you to make up yourself. Beerwise, we’ve been trying out some new Aussie hops with plans to launch a few new brews for summer. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest developments.



Beer and poker, it’s almost meant to be. From this Thursday (October 4) we’ll be holding our own weekly poker night with a 50 litre party keg up for grabs for the ultimate winner. There’ll be a carton on offer for the weekly winners and a chance to go on to greater fame in some other competition or something. Register by 6pm for a 6.30pm start every week. (your points accumulate each week I think) And bring a few mates to stack the odds in your favour, or get the $3 sample beers when they lose.



If there’s something else you’ve tried somewhere that you like and can’t find it among our 220-odd recipes, don’t be afraid to ask us about it. There’s a good a chance we could get pretty close by simply tweaking an existing one, or we might have to do a little bit of research and have a bit of a dig. Very few of our experiments end up below average in taste, even if they don’t quite hit the intended mark. And if you happen to have something you want to bring in to add to your own brew then we’re also only too happy to accommodate.



If you liked BREWSFEST, or you were unlucky enough to have missed it, then you’ve only got three or four weeks to wait until our next big show down at the Brewery. Oktoberfest (Saturday October 27) could end up making BREWSFEST look tame. There’s going to be at least 25 beers on offer, as well as our full range of ciders and ginger beers. The food will be tasty, nutritious, delivered right on time and served with precision industrial efficiency, just as the Germans would have it. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest details.



There are only a few more spots left if you’re keen to get rid of some of your trash/treasure in our Monster Carpark Garage Sale from 7am on Sunday, November 4. Hurry up and book your free spot in the shade for the morning, which is shaping up as a bit of an event in itself. We’ll have a barbecue breakfast going, hot coffees and cold drinks and we’ll be flogging off some of our accumulated extras. There’s anything from leftover bucks party “paraphernalia”, fermenters, beers glasses and coasters, kegs, taps, plumbing gear and assorted bits, beer merchandise, bottle openers, T-shirts, CDs, DVDs, books and a few other very random things. And who knows what our friends will bring along.



The ladies and gentlemen that are a part of this one big happy family have been very thirsty of late, but there are a few half-kegs slipping through that might come up for grabs if you’re feeling like a carton or two of something different. It’s $30 a carton with your bottles or $40 with ours and you can do it pretty much whenever we’re open. The club has been going for a few years now and they’re powering through the menu so you never know what could be o the tap at any time. Drop in or give us a call if you want to check what’s in the keg.



I’m just about all gibbered out for now so hope to see you down here for Oktoberfest or the big carpark sale and, now that the weather is warming up, hopefully we’ll see you soon for a brew.

Cheers, Mike

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