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Hey Brewsters!
Don’t mean to go all Chicken Little on you but there are actually only five weeks left until Christmas. So the sky isn’t exactly falling but that doesn’t leave a lot of decision time if you’re hoping to get a tasty brew down for the holidays and avoid lining up with the thirsty masses to give your hard-earned to the local Coles/Woolworths bottle shop for some preservative-packed swill. The cold room is filling up fast but we can still squeeze in a few more, especially for our loyal regulars like yourself! Just don’t leave your run too late!


If you don’t have enough space for the whole 50 litres (or enough mates to share it around) there should be a few Brewers Club leftovers around for you to pick over. If you’re not familiar with how this not-so-exclusive club works, it goes like this: The esteemed members meet quite irregularly to brew a huge range of brews, of which they only take a carton or two from each and the rest is available for others to bottle up from $30 a carton. It’s a little bit more if you need bottles, and the ginger beer and ciders (when available) are $40 a carton (with your bottles). It’s a great way to get some cheap beer without having to take the whole six cartons or do any of the hard work.



Speaking of new brews, we’ve got some exciting stuff bubbling away in the 18degree room at the moment. We’ve just got our hands on some Galaxy hops (Google it kids, they’re all the rage) and Amanda put down a couple of experimental kettles which we’re hooping to have perfected in time to launch a whole new range in the new year. In the meantime, ask us about it next time you’re in the brewery and we might even have a few test samples to get your feedback on. There’s a few other varieties we’ve got our eyes on too so if these go ok we might have even more experimental ones on the go next year. Don’t panic though! You can still make all the old favourites, it just means it’s gonna be a whole lot harder to choose.



Good to see a few familiar faces among the tipsy hordes that swamped us at the Good Food and Wine Show in the convention centre last week. The response to our chilli ginger beer as well as the standard ginger was huge, and we also got through a lot of ciders, both pear and apple. But the star of the show was our special elderflower and lime cider, which we usually have in our samples fridge.



The huge popularity of our apple cider and the elderflower and lime variation has served up a bit of a Catch-22 for us unfortunately. The new cider malt that we’ve been getting in from the UK is proving a bit harder to get than we’d like and our local supplier has run completely dry (great timing for Christmas eh). If it is any consolation we’ve got plenty of the pear cider, which we usually sell a lot more of anyway, and we’ll make sure there’s heaps there to see out the summer.



We’re lucky with the pear actually because Jimmy at The Hideaway in The Valley is going through quite a bit of it on tap. If you haven’t checked out the place yet you really should poke your head in next time you’re round there, and talk up the cider Brewsters! If you’re in the Valley we also sell our stuff over at The Bowery in Ann St. There’s a couple more places around the traps like Room 60 at Kelvin Grove and Irish Murphy’s in town but we’re hoping to get into a few local independent bottle shops and more bars soon. If you know somewhere that might be interested, have a word ti the manager and let us know so we can drop them round a few samples. You’ll be enjoying our tasty brews at your local bar or restaurant before you can say: “You’re charging how much for these?”



The beer Gods have been kind/unkind to us this year with the major holidays falling on Mondays and Tuesdays when we’re shut anyway. We’ll obviously be closed on Boxing Day (Wednesday 26th December) as well, but it’s pretty much business as usual other than that. And don’t forget, you can show someone just how much you love them by giving them a Brews Brothers Gift Voucher this Christmas. And then they can show you how much they love you by letting you drink it with them. Hope to see you down here some time before the big day for a festive brew or two. If we happen to miss you then try to stay safe, happy and healthy over the holiday season and we’ll catch you in 2013.



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