Latest News: Australia Day, New Brews, Bottle Collection & Parties!

Happy Australia Day!

Paul HoganCome and celebrate your Aussieness with old mates and new ones at Brews Brothers this Sunday and it’s our shout. We’re planning a big one, kicking it off from about noon with a free beer (turn up before 1pm wearing something Aussie to get your freebie). Sam and Andy’s world-famous Pig On The Spit will be cranking by then so get in early or you’ll miss out on the crackling. The Flangipanis are headlining Band Practice upstairs and JJJs Hottest 100 will be counting down all afternoon. It’ll be a celebration of beer, cider, pork and Aussie music – there’ll be plenty of drinking, eating, gambling, singing, piss-taking, dancing, southern cross tatts, drinking, racist jokes, sport watching, bludging and probably a bit more drinking. Hope you and all your cobbers can make it down.

New Brews

Labo-s3-13Research and development is a big thing for us at Brews Brothers (especially The Dodge) we’re always on the lookout for tasty beers and working on improving our menu. With that in mind we have just added a few new options including a Phat Yak and a Little Critters, based on what they sound like. ¬†We’ve also created a few of our own that are proving popular, especially with the new galaxy hops we’ve been using. Two that come to mind would be the Lager Lager (6%) and the Stones Corner Mid (3.5%) which is available on tap down at the Stones Corner Hotel. You can have a go at any of these or your own recipe if you want, and sometimes they are available in the Brewers Club.

Brewers Club

Save Water Drink BeerThis is proving more popular every week. If you can’t wait for your brew to be ready, or you want to try something different, just head on down with your bottles and you can do it one carton at a time. The beers cost $30 a carton while ciders and ginger beer costs $40. We can even supply the bottles if you need them. It’s a great way to sample brews without committing to 50 litres, and also handy if you don’t have a dedicated beer fridge to store a full brew or any mates to share one with.


Glass bottlesIf you’ve saved up way too many bottles at home and you’re getting nagged about throwing them out, bring them down with you and we’ll happily give them a new home. We might even sling you some free beer for them if you have enough. Any old beer bottles will do (twist tops, pop tops, tallies or stubbies) but they have to be clean though. When you’re collecting bottles for your brew just make sure you rinse them out within a day or so of drinking and let them dry fully upside down.


Party Time

If you want to keep up with all the latest news from Brews Brothers you should like us on Facebook or just keep an eye on the feed on our website. Or if you’re old school just pick up the phone and have a yarn. Hope to see you down the brewery soon.



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