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Howdy Brewsters!
It has been way too long between drinks and, as usual, our only excuse is that we have been hard at work researching and re-researching as much beer and cider as humanly possible. It’s all part of our self-sacrificing, never-ending quest to provide the best perfect drop for you, our loyal and thirsty punters. That, and we’re not real good at typing.
We’ve got a few key dates coming up for you to lock into your diary, and a bit of beer and brewery news so no more jibber jabber, let’s get to it.


Lagerstein will be performing at Brewsfest 2014

Lagerstein will be performing at Brewsfest 2014

Yep, it’s on again! Rated by Lonely Planet Guide as one of the top 68 locations in southeast Queensland, this annual event has become an absolute must on the beer tourist’s bucket list. Saturday, July 26, from about lunchtime until a fair bit later. The usual drawcards are back bigger and better: Sam and Andy will have the pig spinning on the spit out front and the boys from Lagerstein will be belting out the pirate drinking music upstairs. Still waiting to hear back from Craig David’s manager and Nollsy’s parole officer. And JR is still in talks with Hugh Jackman who we are hoping will fill in as MC if Toadie from Neighbours can’t break his previous commitment at Toombul Shopping Centre. There’ll be millions of samples to try, some comedy, a bit of trivia, and one lucky Brewster will win a keg. Pre-sold tickets $30 (gets you entry, 6 drinks and a feed), or just pay as you go on the day.


THIS Saturday June 6th from 4pm

THIS Saturday June 6th from 4pm

Not much notice, I know, but this Saturday (June 6) from 4pm, American food truck That BBQ Joint will be pulling up in the Brews Brothers carpark to feed the masses. Come and get some ribs, pulled pork, potato and bacon salad … (I could go on all day) and wash it down with a few of our tasty $4 samples. We’ll even have some Golden Grove wines available on the night. Be warned, these guys are good, and they’re really popular, so make sure you get in early if you’re hungry or you might be calling Dominoes. There’s a good chance we’ll be making this a regular thing, and maybe trying out a few other providers as well, so like us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on what’s coming up.

Happy-Hour-Keep-Calm-300x300FRIDAY ARVO SAMPLES

We’ve just kicked off our regular Friday arvo Samples Sessions last week with $3 drinks and a free sausage sizzle. It’s Happy Hour from 4 to 5 so bring your crew down after work next week and take the edge off at Brews Brothers. If anyone’s keen to play a bit of acoustic (you’ll be well paid in beer of course) we’re looking to get a bit of that going too so bring your instrument along with you (unless it’s a recorder or jazz flute). Otherwise, just bring a mate and a healthy thirst.


Pale AleWhat is it about IPAs that has made them so popular over the last year or so? Our Phat Yak and Little Critters Pale Ales are going mad, and it seems like every second brew we put down at the moment is some kind of Pale Ale. The theory is that beer drinkers’ tastes have become more robust and they’re looking for stronger flavours and more complex brews. It’s a good time of year for it, with most drinkers switching over from the easier-drinking lagers and pilsners to the stronger and darker bitters, ales, stouts and porters.


A great way to try a few of these winter beers is through the Brewers Club. Come in any time you like and bottle up a carton from $30 ($40 for cider and ginger beer, and bottles cost $10 a carton if you need them). We almost always have at least six or seven brews to choose from, and it only takes about 10 minutes. Or if you can’t be bothered, or you have too much money, you can always grab a mixed six pack out of the samples fridge for $20.

hops for saleHOPS FOR SALE

And for those serious brewers out there, and others who don’t get out much, we now sell ingredients for your home brews. Our full range of hops is available for $10 per 100g, malts are $8 or $9 a kilo, grains are $4 or $5 and we’re selling yeast, glucose and dextrose too. Come and check it out and save some coin.

That’s about all for now. Cheers for getting all the way to the end of this and hope to see you down the brewery soon.


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