BREWSFEST 2014 featuring lagersteinBREWSFEST 2014

It’s on Brewsters! This Saturday (July 26) the legend continues, with BREWSFEST 2014 kicking off from 12. There’ll be dozens of beers on tap and in stubbies, including some special ones Jess and Tosh have been tinkering with especially for the day. We’ve got a few new ciders to officially launch too (you gotta try the pineapple). The trivia comp is back, you can win prizes just by turning up, drunken pirate tunes by Lagerstein and there’ll be a whole heap of quality (mum-cooked) hot food to suit everyone.
The good news is, you’re all invited. The bad news is, you can’t all come, numbers are pretty tight. So ring us or email asap to lock in your $30 ticket (which gets you entry, 6 drinks and a feed). Otherwise you can take your chances and just pay $5 to get in on the day. Official BREWSFEST band Lagerstein is highly likely to sell it out with their drunken pirate mates so if you are keen you should round up your mates and get right onto it!


Obama thumbs up

The other big news you need to know about is our latest Frequent Drinkers Rewards Scheme. We’re giving away a keg fridge! Yep, the whole set-up. Double taps, 2 25litre kegs, gas bottle and regulator. Everything you need to make you happy except someone to pour it and serve you. But once you’ve got this you’ll have so many mates, you can make one of them your bartender. It’s worth more than $1200. And if you’ve already got one, you can have the equivalent in brews. This is how you win. Every time you bottle up a 50litre brew, or 3 cartons from the Brewers Club, you can grab an entry and stick it in the barrel. We’ll be drawing the winner mid-December, so get plenty of entries in and you might have a very merry Christmas.


FRIDAY ARVO SAMPLE SESSIONSkeep calm happy hour starts friday

If you find yourself at a loose end with a thirst for some quality brews come 4pm on any given Friday, you should get yourself down to Happy Hour at the brewery. We fire up the barbie with free snags for everyone and we sell whatever’s in the fridge for $3 a stubbie to wash them down. Get your work crew organised and give yourselves an early mark one Friday. You know you’ve earned it!


red wineA GOOD RED?

We’ve had plenty of people grabbing the red win cleanskins since the weather has cooled down a bit. Sam and Ray out at Golden Grove Estate are putting out a seriously good blend and it’s only $48 a case. We’re very occasional users ourselves (for obvious reasons), but all the feedback is that it’s a top quality drop so don’t let the crazy cheap price turn you off. We still have a few 25 litre whites there (for $108) if that’s your preference.

Venue for hireHIRE THE BREWERY

Work functions will start firing up as the weather does and it should be a busy Christmas period for us. If you’ve got the job of organising this year’s team break-up/work Christmas party/mate’s bucks party or 21st or whatever then look no further, your job is done. Brewery hire is available for anything from a team brew session, to birthday parties, bucks parties or just have heaps of beers and a barbie with your mates. Prices are pretty reasonable so give us a ring if you want to know all the nitty gritty or check on a date.


That’s enough jibber jabber for now. Hope to see you at BREWSFEST or the next time you can make it down for a few beers. And while you’re here, don’t forget to grab an entry to win the keg fridge.


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