Latest News: December 2014



christmas-cricket-webHey Brewsters! Just a quick note to let everyone know what’s happening this week with the Gabba Test and our bottling situation. If you’re going to the cricket, feel free to drop in for a cold (real) beer or hot snag before, during or after play. We’re planning to be open the usual hours throughout the week if you want to drop in for a few cold samples, but unfortunately we’re going to be very limited for space and access could be a problem because of the traffic. Brewers Club taps might be a bit hard to get to so just give us a call first if you’re thinking about dropping in. Otherwise, we’re closed the usual Mondays and Tuesdays and the public holidays but open on all the other days over the festive season. You’ll still be able to bottle right up until Christmas Eve.



If you’ve got enough socks and undies already you should send Santa a note about getting a Brews Brothers voucher this year. Or if you know someone who has been good this year and happens to like quality, tasty beverages, then get one for them. You can put any amount you like on them, or pay for a six-pack all the way up to a full 50 litre brew or even a tour. We’re running a special on the Thursday night deluxe tours for Christmas. selling them for just $35 instead of the usual $80. You get 6 drinks, a sausage sizzle, 90 minute tour and a 10% discount voucher. It’s a top way to check out the brewing process, the brewery and the beers.

Beer glassesTOSH ON TAP

If you do drop by you’ll notice we’re running a couple of taps at the bar these days with some interesting new brews. Tosh, our international brewing sensation, has been fine-tuning a few special new concoctions and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. So much so that we’re planning to introduce a range of them into the menu selection in the new year. Anyone who’s sampled his Black IPA, Orange Summer Ale or the recent Pacifica will probably be drooling with anticipation right now. Get on the ol’ Facebook page to check the latest on these ones.



Brews Brothers is jumping right up on to the Food Truck bandwagon which has invaded the city. Kicking off from about noon on Sunday, January 4 with Mr America; we’ll follow it up on January 11 with the pizza van guy, Bella BBQ on the 18th and the Bun Mobile on January 25. The plan is to match one of our beers with the appropriate cuisine and put it on special for the day while you and your crew empty them and chow down on some of the tastiest treats you’ll ever find in a car park. Hopefully all the vans will have such a great time that they’ll want to come back each month but again, you’ll have to  check Lamebook to see who is pulling in when.

keep calm happy hour starts fridayFRIDAY ARVO HAPPY HOUR

We’ve built up a fairly loyal crew of regulars for our Friday arvo Happy Hours, not sure if that’s down to the $3 drinks, free snags or the very warm atmosphere – especially near the barbie. We always have a good variety of beers, ciders and gingers to choose from, and it’s unAustralian to pass up on a sausage sizzle, especially a free one.

From 4pm every Friday.


winnerFinally, drumroll please …

A big congratulations to Indy Indricks who was the lucky winner of our keg fridge giveaway. Our favourite Latvian beer drinking champion is sure to have himself a very merry Christmas after setting up his new toy, complete with 50litres of beer from Brews Brothers and Santa. Indy’s name was quite prevalent in the prize keg barrel, having picked up a few brews and plenty of Brewers Club cartons regularly throughout the year. For everyone else who tried so hard, stay tuned for a fresh competition in the new year.

In the meantime, on behalf of everyone down here at Brews Brothers, thanks for dropping in and supporting us again this year.  We hope you and yours have a safe, healthy and happy festive season, with just the right amount of cheer. And if you should happen to run out you know we’re always here.



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BREWSFEST 2014 featuring lagersteinBREWSFEST 2014

It’s on Brewsters! This Saturday (July 26) the legend continues, with BREWSFEST 2014 kicking off from 12. There’ll be dozens of beers on tap and in stubbies, including some special ones Jess and Tosh have been tinkering with especially for the day. We’ve got a few new ciders to officially launch too (you gotta try the pineapple). The trivia comp is back, you can win prizes just by turning up, drunken pirate tunes by Lagerstein and there’ll be a whole heap of quality (mum-cooked) hot food to suit everyone.
The good news is, you’re all invited. The bad news is, you can’t all come, numbers are pretty tight. So ring us or email asap to lock in your $30 ticket (which gets you entry, 6 drinks and a feed). Otherwise you can take your chances and just pay $5 to get in on the day. Official BREWSFEST band Lagerstein is highly likely to sell it out with their drunken pirate mates so if you are keen you should round up your mates and get right onto it!


Obama thumbs up

The other big news you need to know about is our latest Frequent Drinkers Rewards Scheme. We’re giving away a keg fridge! Yep, the whole set-up. Double taps, 2 25litre kegs, gas bottle and regulator. Everything you need to make you happy except someone to pour it and serve you. But once you’ve got this you’ll have so many mates, you can make one of them your bartender. It’s worth more than $1200. And if you’ve already got one, you can have the equivalent in brews. This is how you win. Every time you bottle up a 50litre brew, or 3 cartons from the Brewers Club, you can grab an entry and stick it in the barrel. We’ll be drawing the winner mid-December, so get plenty of entries in and you might have a very merry Christmas.


FRIDAY ARVO SAMPLE SESSIONSkeep calm happy hour starts friday

If you find yourself at a loose end with a thirst for some quality brews come 4pm on any given Friday, you should get yourself down to Happy Hour at the brewery. We fire up the barbie with free snags for everyone and we sell whatever’s in the fridge for $3 a stubbie to wash them down. Get your work crew organised and give yourselves an early mark one Friday. You know you’ve earned it!


red wineA GOOD RED?

We’ve had plenty of people grabbing the red win cleanskins since the weather has cooled down a bit. Sam and Ray out at Golden Grove Estate are putting out a seriously good blend and it’s only $48 a case. We’re very occasional users ourselves (for obvious reasons), but all the feedback is that it’s a top quality drop so don’t let the crazy cheap price turn you off. We still have a few 25 litre whites there (for $108) if that’s your preference.

Venue for hireHIRE THE BREWERY

Work functions will start firing up as the weather does and it should be a busy Christmas period for us. If you’ve got the job of organising this year’s team break-up/work Christmas party/mate’s bucks party or 21st or whatever then look no further, your job is done. Brewery hire is available for anything from a team brew session, to birthday parties, bucks parties or just have heaps of beers and a barbie with your mates. Prices are pretty reasonable so give us a ring if you want to know all the nitty gritty or check on a date.


That’s enough jibber jabber for now. Hope to see you at BREWSFEST or the next time you can make it down for a few beers. And while you’re here, don’t forget to grab an entry to win the keg fridge.


Latest News!

Howdy Brewsters!
It has been way too long between drinks and, as usual, our only excuse is that we have been hard at work researching and re-researching as much beer and cider as humanly possible. It’s all part of our self-sacrificing, never-ending quest to provide the best perfect drop for you, our loyal and thirsty punters. That, and we’re not real good at typing.
We’ve got a few key dates coming up for you to lock into your diary, and a bit of beer and brewery news so no more jibber jabber, let’s get to it.


Lagerstein will be performing at Brewsfest 2014

Lagerstein will be performing at Brewsfest 2014

Yep, it’s on again! Rated by Lonely Planet Guide as one of the top 68 locations in southeast Queensland, this annual event has become an absolute must on the beer tourist’s bucket list. Saturday, July 26, from about lunchtime until a fair bit later. The usual drawcards are back bigger and better: Sam and Andy will have the pig spinning on the spit out front and the boys from Lagerstein will be belting out the pirate drinking music upstairs. Still waiting to hear back from Craig David’s manager and Nollsy’s parole officer. And JR is still in talks with Hugh Jackman who we are hoping will fill in as MC if Toadie from Neighbours can’t break his previous commitment at Toombul Shopping Centre. There’ll be millions of samples to try, some comedy, a bit of trivia, and one lucky Brewster will win a keg. Pre-sold tickets $30 (gets you entry, 6 drinks and a feed), or just pay as you go on the day.


THIS Saturday June 6th from 4pm

THIS Saturday June 6th from 4pm

Not much notice, I know, but this Saturday (June 6) from 4pm, American food truck That BBQ Joint will be pulling up in the Brews Brothers carpark to feed the masses. Come and get some ribs, pulled pork, potato and bacon salad … (I could go on all day) and wash it down with a few of our tasty $4 samples. We’ll even have some Golden Grove wines available on the night. Be warned, these guys are good, and they’re really popular, so make sure you get in early if you’re hungry or you might be calling Dominoes. There’s a good chance we’ll be making this a regular thing, and maybe trying out a few other providers as well, so like us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted on what’s coming up.

Happy-Hour-Keep-Calm-300x300FRIDAY ARVO SAMPLES

We’ve just kicked off our regular Friday arvo Samples Sessions last week with $3 drinks and a free sausage sizzle. It’s Happy Hour from 4 to 5 so bring your crew down after work next week and take the edge off at Brews Brothers. If anyone’s keen to play a bit of acoustic (you’ll be well paid in beer of course) we’re looking to get a bit of that going too so bring your instrument along with you (unless it’s a recorder or jazz flute). Otherwise, just bring a mate and a healthy thirst.


Pale AleWhat is it about IPAs that has made them so popular over the last year or so? Our Phat Yak and Little Critters Pale Ales are going mad, and it seems like every second brew we put down at the moment is some kind of Pale Ale. The theory is that beer drinkers’ tastes have become more robust and they’re looking for stronger flavours and more complex brews. It’s a good time of year for it, with most drinkers switching over from the easier-drinking lagers and pilsners to the stronger and darker bitters, ales, stouts and porters.


A great way to try a few of these winter beers is through the Brewers Club. Come in any time you like and bottle up a carton from $30 ($40 for cider and ginger beer, and bottles cost $10 a carton if you need them). We almost always have at least six or seven brews to choose from, and it only takes about 10 minutes. Or if you can’t be bothered, or you have too much money, you can always grab a mixed six pack out of the samples fridge for $20.

hops for saleHOPS FOR SALE

And for those serious brewers out there, and others who don’t get out much, we now sell ingredients for your home brews. Our full range of hops is available for $10 per 100g, malts are $8 or $9 a kilo, grains are $4 or $5 and we’re selling yeast, glucose and dextrose too. Come and check it out and save some coin.

That’s about all for now. Cheers for getting all the way to the end of this and hope to see you down the brewery soon.


Latest News: Australia Day, New Brews, Bottle Collection & Parties!

Happy Australia Day!

Paul HoganCome and celebrate your Aussieness with old mates and new ones at Brews Brothers this Sunday and it’s our shout. We’re planning a big one, kicking it off from about noon with a free beer (turn up before 1pm wearing something Aussie to get your freebie). Sam and Andy’s world-famous Pig On The Spit will be cranking by then so get in early or you’ll miss out on the crackling. The Flangipanis are headlining Band Practice upstairs and JJJs Hottest 100 will be counting down all afternoon. It’ll be a celebration of beer, cider, pork and Aussie music – there’ll be plenty of drinking, eating, gambling, singing, piss-taking, dancing, southern cross tatts, drinking, racist jokes, sport watching, bludging and probably a bit more drinking. Hope you and all your cobbers can make it down.

New Brews

Labo-s3-13Research and development is a big thing for us at Brews Brothers (especially The Dodge) we’re always on the lookout for tasty beers and working on improving our menu. With that in mind we have just added a few new options including a Phat Yak and a Little Critters, based on what they sound like.  We’ve also created a few of our own that are proving popular, especially with the new galaxy hops we’ve been using. Two that come to mind would be the Lager Lager (6%) and the Stones Corner Mid (3.5%) which is available on tap down at the Stones Corner Hotel. You can have a go at any of these or your own recipe if you want, and sometimes they are available in the Brewers Club.

Brewers Club

Save Water Drink BeerThis is proving more popular every week. If you can’t wait for your brew to be ready, or you want to try something different, just head on down with your bottles and you can do it one carton at a time. The beers cost $30 a carton while ciders and ginger beer costs $40. We can even supply the bottles if you need them. It’s a great way to sample brews without committing to 50 litres, and also handy if you don’t have a dedicated beer fridge to store a full brew or any mates to share one with.


Glass bottlesIf you’ve saved up way too many bottles at home and you’re getting nagged about throwing them out, bring them down with you and we’ll happily give them a new home. We might even sling you some free beer for them if you have enough. Any old beer bottles will do (twist tops, pop tops, tallies or stubbies) but they have to be clean though. When you’re collecting bottles for your brew just make sure you rinse them out within a day or so of drinking and let them dry fully upside down.


Party Time

If you want to keep up with all the latest news from Brews Brothers you should like us on Facebook or just keep an eye on the feed on our website. Or if you’re old school just pick up the phone and have a yarn. Hope to see you down the brewery soon.



Latest News: Xmas Brews, Thursday Nights, Gabba Test, Summer Trading Hours, Local Pubs & More

Hey Brewsters,

Again it’s been too long between drinks and there’s plenty of stuff to get through in this edition of Brews News, so enough of the jibber jabber already, let’s get stuck in.

Check your calendars

calendarDon’t leave your run too late this year if you’re keen to get a brew down for Christmas. If you’ve stuck your head in the cold room lately you’ll have seen how full it is already, so hopefully we’ll be able to make enough room for everyone. But, worst-case scenario, we’ll be giving members priority and then it’s first-in-first-served. There will be the usual range of assorted Brewers Club brews available for you to bottle up from $30 a carton ($40 for ciders and gingers). But the best way to guarantee you’ll get what you want is to lock it in early.


Thursday Night Tours


And while we’re on the subject of Christmas, why not show that someone special just how much they mean to you by giving them a Brews Brothers gift voucher this year? You could always come with them on the day so it’s a win-win. You can get vouchers for almost anything we’ve got available, but the hot seller is always the brewery tours. For $35 ($65 for 2) you can get someone in on the Thursday night groups – we kick them off at 6pm and you get six beers and a sausage sizzle with the tour. It’s a pretty good night out even if you’ve brewed here before, with some random samples available, a few handy tips along the way and we even throw in a 10%off card for your next brew. They’ll run throughout January and February.


Cricketers drinking beerThe Gabba Test (from November 21) is shaping up to be pretty huge for us. Unfortunately we’ve been limited to 120 people, so again we’re going to have to invoke the ol first-in-first-served rule again. If you’re planning on going to the game, you should drop in before play for a sausage sizzle and some juice or a cuppa. While you’re there you can put your name on the list to lock in a place for the lunch break. After play we’ll be open until 8.30pm for you to wash down a few more snags and go over the day’s highlights. Hopefully the boys will give us something good to talk about.

Microbrewery Opening Hours

Summer opening hours

Now that it’s warming up out there, it’s probably time we made it a bit easier for you to get your beer. For the rest of summer we’ll stay open a bit later for anyone wanting to order brews, bottle up from the Brewers Club or just drop in for a few samples.

Here’s our new hours:
Wed 12-6pm
Thurs/Fri 12-8pm
Sat 9-4pm
Sun 10-3pm


See you at the local!


And if you still happen to miss us you can always get your fix down at the Aussie Nash, where we’ve got the chilli ginger beer on tap. It’s also on at the Stones Corner Hotel, where we brew a house mid-strength using Galaxy hops and Munich malt, as well as the Elderflower and Lime cider. A little further afield the Bellbowrie has been stocking the chilli hi her for a bit, and you can also get it down at Room 60 in Kelvin Grove. If you’re down the Valley way you should swing in to see Jimmy at The Hideaway, who’s always got the pear cider on tap and a few other random brews as well. We’ll get around to posting a full list of the commercial outlets as soon as we can.

And for something a little different…

bubblegumWe’ve got our hands on a few new interesting cider flavours – fruit tingles and bubble gum for starters – and we’ve got them available as part of our new 1 litre bootleg editions. We’re selling them in glass screw-top bottles for $10 and there’s usually at least five or six different varieties available in the samples fridge. While you’re at it you should grab yourself a mixed 6pack to go from just $15 to do some research on your next brew.



Hot off the press.

hot of the pressIf you are into a bit of research you should try to get your hands on a copy of Beer and Brewer magazine, which we’re now stocking at the front counter. The latest issue is chockablock with interesting info and articles including a really good read about beer and food matching. There is an ancient Nepalese saying passed on by Gary Garry through his very good friend Greg Evans which goes: “if the beer’s cold and you can eat the food with one hand, you’ve got yourself a perfect match”.

That’s plenty enough jibber to absorb in one hit. Hopefully we see you down the brewery for a beer some time soon.


Latest News – July 2013 – Brewsfest, New brews, 6-packs, Saturday lunch-time sessions


Beer festival, Woolloongabba, live music, pig on the spit, cheap beer, LagersteinWe’re not leaving you much time to prepare for The Greatest Event In Your Life And Beer History, but you don’t need to do much. Just make sure you lock this in: BREWSFEST 2013, noon till late Saturday, July 20, then organise a lift on the day.

All the old favourites are back. Sam the Spit Man and Handy Andy will be smoking up a swine in the carpark and there’ll be heaps of food, stand-up comedy, competitions,trivia, prizes and our unofficial house band Lagerstein will be cranking out the drinking tunes upstairs. They’re also the inspiration for Lager Lager – think Funnelweb but with a burst of Galaxy hops – possibly the best of several new brews that will be making their grand debut at BREWSFEST 2013.

Lagerstein: Australian Drunken MetalYou can buy pre-sold tickets for six drinks, a feed and all the entertainment for just $30. Or, if you’re afraid of commitment, just rock up on the day and pay as you go. Any one of our millions of friends and fans will tell you, we’re not the type to talk ourselves up around here, but this time we promise you, BREWSFEST 2013 will change your life, and possibly even create a wave of goodwill that spreads peace throughout the world.

Click Here for more information.

Brews Brews Microbrewery Woolloongabba New Beer and Cider flavours function room hire bucks party birthday hire special occasions Brewsfest NEW BEER & CIDER

If you happen to miss out then don’t despair, all is not lost. Just come down to the brewery after one of your counselling sessions and we can tell you all about it over a sample or two of one of our new brews. Aside from Lager Lager, there’s a few more debutants to test your mad skills on including Queenslander cider (a maroon, apple and blackcurrant concoction best savoured in the warm afterglow of another Origin victory while watching Blues crybabies whinge and whine). We’re trying to get a few more ciders going, there’s a strawberry one on the go and maybe even a mixed berry, you should start to see them in the fridge in the next few weeks. We’re also trying out a couple of new strains of hops (Celestial and Mosaic) which should also be coming through soon.

BREWERS Brewers Club - $30 for a carton of beerCLUB

A lot of you are already taking advantage of the Brewers Club option and bottling up a carton or two of some cheap beer for just $30 a slab. Don’t forget, you can always pick up a six-pack from the samples fridge from $15 or $20 for the ciders and ginger beers.


Brews Brothers beers on tapWHERE TO GO WHEN WE ARE CLOSED

We do keep some weird hours down here at the brewery and we’re looking at expanding them a bit this summer by the way – but if you happen to miss us and only our brews will do, just head up the road and see Josh at the Aussie Nash. He can fix you up with a chilli ginger beer or two, and so can Daz and the crew at the Stones Corner Hotel or Kedron Park. The Stonesie actually carries a couple of our beers, godblessem, and we’re hoping to get a mid-strength on down there to cater for all the drivers and the dribblers. Jimmy, the main man at The Hideaway in the Valley has been on board with the pear cider since Day One. And we can’t talk up Clare and Leila at Room 60 in Kelvin Grove enough, you’ve really got to get down there. Then there’s always the takeaways at Urban Cellars as well so remember not to panic if we’re not around.



If you’ve never actually put down a brew and you’re keen to check out the process, have a few beers Sausage Sizzle, Beer and Snags every Saturday brewery workshop, make your own beerand maybe learn a couple of things about beer and cider, why not come down for one of the Saturday lunchtime sessions we’re putting on over the next couple of months. Get yourself a crew together and come down from 11am for a two-hour session that involves an in-depth run through of the brewery and the brewing process, four samples of our finest products, a sausage sizzle and a six-pack of our top selections to take home and take in at your leisure. All for just $39, just make sure you book a space.


That’s enough gibber for now, hope to see you at Brewsfest, or some time soon anyway. Stay happy, healthy and most importantly well-hydrated.

And go Queensland!

Cheers Mike

Brewers Club, New Hops, Good Food & Wine Show, Apple Cider Shortage, Commercial Brews, Christmas Hours & Gift Vouchers

Hey Brewsters!
Don’t mean to go all Chicken Little on you but there are actually only five weeks left until Christmas. So the sky isn’t exactly falling but that doesn’t leave a lot of decision time if you’re hoping to get a tasty brew down for the holidays and avoid lining up with the thirsty masses to give your hard-earned to the local Coles/Woolworths bottle shop for some preservative-packed swill. The cold room is filling up fast but we can still squeeze in a few more, especially for our loyal regulars like yourself! Just don’t leave your run too late!


If you don’t have enough space for the whole 50 litres (or enough mates to share it around) there should be a few Brewers Club leftovers around for you to pick over. If you’re not familiar with how this not-so-exclusive club works, it goes like this: The esteemed members meet quite irregularly to brew a huge range of brews, of which they only take a carton or two from each and the rest is available for others to bottle up from $30 a carton. It’s a little bit more if you need bottles, and the ginger beer and ciders (when available) are $40 a carton (with your bottles). It’s a great way to get some cheap beer without having to take the whole six cartons or do any of the hard work.



Speaking of new brews, we’ve got some exciting stuff bubbling away in the 18degree room at the moment. We’ve just got our hands on some Galaxy hops (Google it kids, they’re all the rage) and Amanda put down a couple of experimental kettles which we’re hooping to have perfected in time to launch a whole new range in the new year. In the meantime, ask us about it next time you’re in the brewery and we might even have a few test samples to get your feedback on. There’s a few other varieties we’ve got our eyes on too so if these go ok we might have even more experimental ones on the go next year. Don’t panic though! You can still make all the old favourites, it just means it’s gonna be a whole lot harder to choose.



Good to see a few familiar faces among the tipsy hordes that swamped us at the Good Food and Wine Show in the convention centre last week. The response to our chilli ginger beer as well as the standard ginger was huge, and we also got through a lot of ciders, both pear and apple. But the star of the show was our special elderflower and lime cider, which we usually have in our samples fridge.



The huge popularity of our apple cider and the elderflower and lime variation has served up a bit of a Catch-22 for us unfortunately. The new cider malt that we’ve been getting in from the UK is proving a bit harder to get than we’d like and our local supplier has run completely dry (great timing for Christmas eh). If it is any consolation we’ve got plenty of the pear cider, which we usually sell a lot more of anyway, and we’ll make sure there’s heaps there to see out the summer.



We’re lucky with the pear actually because Jimmy at The Hideaway in The Valley is going through quite a bit of it on tap. If you haven’t checked out the place yet you really should poke your head in next time you’re round there, and talk up the cider Brewsters! If you’re in the Valley we also sell our stuff over at The Bowery in Ann St. There’s a couple more places around the traps like Room 60 at Kelvin Grove and Irish Murphy’s in town but we’re hoping to get into a few local independent bottle shops and more bars soon. If you know somewhere that might be interested, have a word ti the manager and let us know so we can drop them round a few samples. You’ll be enjoying our tasty brews at your local bar or restaurant before you can say: “You’re charging how much for these?”



The beer Gods have been kind/unkind to us this year with the major holidays falling on Mondays and Tuesdays when we’re shut anyway. We’ll obviously be closed on Boxing Day (Wednesday 26th December) as well, but it’s pretty much business as usual other than that. And don’t forget, you can show someone just how much you love them by giving them a Brews Brothers Gift Voucher this Christmas. And then they can show you how much they love you by letting you drink it with them. Hope to see you down here some time before the big day for a festive brew or two. If we happen to miss you then try to stay safe, happy and healthy over the holiday season and we’ll catch you in 2013.



Sept/Oct 2012: Drinkin’ Season, Poker Night, Custom Brews, Oktoberfest, Garage Sale & Brewers Club


Brewsters, Spring has sprung and we’ve officially kicked off Drinking Season 2012/13. There are a few minor changes to report this season but, all in all, the rules remain pretty much the same. Firstly, ciders are no longer just something to pick up for the little lady, or visiting Irishmen and artistic types. Apple cider has already broken through into mainstream Australian drinking culture, opening up a crack for its more exotic cousins like pear, raspberry and elderflower with lime. We’ve got them all available here at the brewery, in the samples fridge or for you to make up yourself. Beerwise, we’ve been trying out some new Aussie hops with plans to launch a few new brews for summer. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest developments.



Beer and poker, it’s almost meant to be. From this Thursday (October 4) we’ll be holding our own weekly poker night with a 50 litre party keg up for grabs for the ultimate winner. There’ll be a carton on offer for the weekly winners and a chance to go on to greater fame in some other competition or something. Register by 6pm for a 6.30pm start every week. (your points accumulate each week I think) And bring a few mates to stack the odds in your favour, or get the $3 sample beers when they lose.



If there’s something else you’ve tried somewhere that you like and can’t find it among our 220-odd recipes, don’t be afraid to ask us about it. There’s a good a chance we could get pretty close by simply tweaking an existing one, or we might have to do a little bit of research and have a bit of a dig. Very few of our experiments end up below average in taste, even if they don’t quite hit the intended mark. And if you happen to have something you want to bring in to add to your own brew then we’re also only too happy to accommodate.



If you liked BREWSFEST, or you were unlucky enough to have missed it, then you’ve only got three or four weeks to wait until our next big show down at the Brewery. Oktoberfest (Saturday October 27) could end up making BREWSFEST look tame. There’s going to be at least 25 beers on offer, as well as our full range of ciders and ginger beers. The food will be tasty, nutritious, delivered right on time and served with precision industrial efficiency, just as the Germans would have it. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest details.



There are only a few more spots left if you’re keen to get rid of some of your trash/treasure in our Monster Carpark Garage Sale from 7am on Sunday, November 4. Hurry up and book your free spot in the shade for the morning, which is shaping up as a bit of an event in itself. We’ll have a barbecue breakfast going, hot coffees and cold drinks and we’ll be flogging off some of our accumulated extras. There’s anything from leftover bucks party “paraphernalia”, fermenters, beers glasses and coasters, kegs, taps, plumbing gear and assorted bits, beer merchandise, bottle openers, T-shirts, CDs, DVDs, books and a few other very random things. And who knows what our friends will bring along.



The ladies and gentlemen that are a part of this one big happy family have been very thirsty of late, but there are a few half-kegs slipping through that might come up for grabs if you’re feeling like a carton or two of something different. It’s $30 a carton with your bottles or $40 with ours and you can do it pretty much whenever we’re open. The club has been going for a few years now and they’re powering through the menu so you never know what could be o the tap at any time. Drop in or give us a call if you want to check what’s in the keg.



I’m just about all gibbered out for now so hope to see you down here for Oktoberfest or the big carpark sale and, now that the weather is warming up, hopefully we’ll see you soon for a brew.

Cheers, Mike

July 2012: BrewsFest 2012, Home Festival, Brewers Club, Functions & Pear Cider


Yes Brewsters! We can confirm the rumours. The greatest event in Brisbane’s beer history: BREWSFEST 2012 is on at Brews Brothers from midday on July 21. It’ll be something to tell the grandkids about, or bring them along and let them see for themselves. More rumours we can confirm: There will be several new brews making their official debuts, a pig on the spit in the carpark and other beer-food combos, tours, tips, demos and prizes, a bit of music and maybe some alleged stand-up comedy, even a limerick competition.

Pre-book a $20 Brews Pass before the day for six samples and guarantee yourself a piece of the pig or just turn up on the day and please yourself… we’ll have a bit of other food going around. There’ll be a trivia competition, so get your team together because the top side will win a 50 litre brew plus free party pack hire. Some rumours we can’t quite confirm yet: Gary Garry will be choppering in from Winton for a special guest performance with the boys from One Direction and he’ll be shouting all of his old friends.

It’s going to be great day, hope to see you down here for it and don’t forget to give us a ring or email to get your discount $20 Brews Pass. Print out the flyer or send it around to anyone you think deserves to know.

By the way, July 16 to 21 marks Queensland’s very first official Beer Week, something we’re very proud to be a part of. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest info and check out what specials we’ve got going.

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It’s a fest-off! On the same day as BREWSFEST, would you believe, we’re stocking the beer bar and hosting our very own stall down the road at Home Festival in Raymond Park (behind the Pineapple Hotel). Not too sure about all the details yet but here’s their link Head down on your way home from BREWSFEST and make sure to drop by and say hi if you’re there.


If you’re still on weekend detention or you have some other legit reason to miss BREWSFEST 2012, we’ll have a few more off-beat brews available for you to bottle up for as little as $30 a carton (with your bottles) to ease your pain. It depends on the day but the guys try to have at least six or more brews on the go at any given time and you’re free to bottle up a carton or two of any of them whenever it suits. It’s a great way to try a few different brews without having to take the full 50 litres, free to join, and you don’t even have to turn up for any meetings. The club has now got its own 18-litre kegs available to swap if you’ve got your own keg set-up at home. Or, you could hire an 18-litre keg and all the gear for the weekend from $80, depending on the brew. Give us a call to see what’s ready to go at the moment.


Ever dreamt of having a party in a brewery? Well, once again, Brews Brothers is here to make your dreams come true. There’s heaps of options, ranging from your basic tour and a couple of samples all the way through to the full brewing and bottling experience with a detailed tour for you and a few mates, or everyone you know. Don’t forget, we also have the Man Lounge open whenever we’re here or you can hire the whole place out if you want to organise something special. Head up for a game of pool and check the place out next time you’re in. If you mention this newsletter, or claim to be a mate of Dodgy’s, we’ll give you half-price on the rent for the night.


It’s peary nice indeed, and it’s in the samples fridge at the moment. The lucky few who’ve had a crack at our new Peary Peary Cider describe it as clean and crisp with a dry but slightly sweet aftertaste. There were spontaneous cries of “Eureka!” and “It’s a bonza bottler”! from Dodgy Darren on the filters as the kettle girls rejoiced merrily with each other, so pleased they were with their efforts. It’s not likely to last long on the shelves so get in and have a go while you can. Or save yourself plenty and get your own brew down. It’s one of a few different ones we’ve been trying out lately, most of which will debut at BREWSFEST. The other one picking up all the in-house awards is our experimental Elderflower and Lime. We’ve also got a new apple cider recipe we’re trialling and, as usual, we look forward to your valuable feedback.


That’s enough of the jibber jabber for one sitting. Hope to see you at BREWSFEST (July 21), or sooner, and otherwise, try to stay safe, healthy and warm.

Cheers, Mike