Why does my beer have to be kept cold once bottled?

Brews Brothers beers, although triple-filtered, and as clear as you can get, still contain tiny traces of yeast which remain dormant when kept below single-digit temperatures. If the beer gets over about 10C the yeast can fire up again and you start to get more co2 in the bottle, sediment starts forming and the beer deteriorates a lot quicker.


What sort of bottles do I need and how many?

You’ll need about 144 stubbies, depending on their size, to cater for a full 50 litre brew. Tallies are okay too. It doesn’t really matter whether they’re screw-tops or pop tops because the caps which we provide will fit on both. If you’re madly collecting yours, make sure you rinse them out as soon as you can and let them dry, upside down. You can sterilise them when you bring them in.


Can I do less than 50 litres at a time?

If you’re keen to have a go at a few brews but can’t quite fit the whole six cartons in the fridge you can always get in on the Brews brothers Brewers Club. It’s free to join and you can take your part of whatever brews they’ve got going. The club members come in each Thursday and lay down a variety of brews which you can buy into at $30 a carton ($40 with our bottles).


How long until I can start drinking my beer and how long will it last?

The beers are good to drink while you’re bottling them, which is two to four weeks after bottling. A lot of them will definitely improve with a little bit of time in the bottle, especially those in the Special and Ultimate ranges. If stored correctly in a fridge, the brews should be good for up to six months, although very few would have been put to the test.


Do you have any gluten-free or wheat-free brews?

Yes we do a few different gluten-free brews, including our standard wheat-free beer and our basic ginger beer. Both are based on sorghum (corn sugar) and the beer has some mollases to help provide a bit of body. The basic ginger beer, whilst very popular as it is, can be modified to suit you with anything from lemon and chillies to your choice of spirits.


What are the most popular brews?

Our Corona copy, the Mexicana, is easily our most popular brew, without even factoring in it’s citrus-infused sister the Tropicana. It’s so easy to drink and the real stuff is so over-priced that it’s no real surprise. The next standout is probably our Asahi copies (Tokyo Dry and Tokyo Super Dry) and after that comes a few including our Funnelweb, Joags, Devil, Calypso and Kiwi lager. On the dark side the most popular is the Dutch Dark Lager ahead of a few stouts and the Newcastle Brown copy. And of course our ginger beer and ciders are high up on the brew list.


Do you cater for group bookings and parties?

Yes we do. Anything from corporate days for 10 to 100 people to bucks parties, birthday parties, or any party. The rates are cheap and flexible to cater for all types of events. You can brew and bottle while you’re here, use our barbecue and air-conditioned function room and get a detailed look throough the whole operation. Just give us a call to go through the specific details.


Why does Brews Brothers beer not give me a hangover?

Our beers contain none of the preservatives and additives that a lot of the commercial brews do, and they’re fresher, cleaner and made with the best quality ingredients available. The down side to this, of course, is that you must keep them cold if you intend to store them for any length of time. If the temperatures get over 10C then the tiny bits of yeast left dormant in the cold beer can start to ferment again, creating more gas and sediment.


Do you hire out or sell kegs?

We can set you up with everything you need for your own keg beer at home, from the basic pluto gun and gas through to a fancy stainless steel double-tap kegerator. You can simply drop off your kegs for re-filling or just swap them for ours. We can hire you our gear for just $50 a weekend on top of whatver your brew costs, all you need is the ice.


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